About us

The Passionate Gardener is celebrating its twelfth year in service to Calgary and area clients.  We opened in 2006 to serve customers looking for garden renovations with an attention to detail and a focus on healthy, thriving plant combinations.  In 2018, Jenn Peter took over the service side of the business and Kate  focusing on the education and consultation side of the business.

Who is the Passionate Gardener

The Passionate Gardener, Jenn Peter is a busy mom, wife and avid gardener, who wants to help create the garden of your dreams.  Jenn brings an enthusiastic energy to any project and helps others discover the magic and fulfillment a beautiful garden can bring to your life.

1Growing up, mostly in B.C, she spent a lot  of her time in the outdoors, biking, hiking and picking fruit. She gained much respect and love for the environment around her and hopes to encourage others to care for it the same way she does.

Jenn moved to Calgary in 2000, and started her own garden in 2002.  Inspired by her grandparents who grew and preserved a lot of their own food, Jenn has strived to do the same. Some years even growing, cooking and canning a years’ supply of tomatoes right in her urban garden!  Jenn has helped create gardens for friends and family, volunteered in community and school gardening projects.

Using permaculture principles Jenn works with nature instead of against her to provide clients with a beautiful and productive space, beneficial for both humans and nature.


The Passionate Gardeners are committed to avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. We intend to nurture the soil so that it may nurture the plants, decreasing the need for water, fertilizer, and pest and disease control.  We can help you do the same. Whether your garden is for enjoyment, curb appeal or food production, we can help you make it productive and sustainable.