Summer of 2012: what we’ve been up to:

After a slow and cold start, the summer is shaping up to be a good one.  At home, my renovation of my front rock garden is on-going, and we’ve enjoyed having all the space to experiment with.  My 5 year old daughter and I planted a rainbow garden.  After being nearly wiped out by the hail in early July, it has grown back nicely.  The flowers are as follows: red geraniums, orange zinnias, yellow marigolds, green curled parsley, blue lobelia, indigo pansies and violet petunias.  It’s wonderful having a ton of parsley to pick for tabouleh salads.

Annuals create a beautiful rainbow garden

My first project this spring was in Wentworth.  I create a colorful shade garden in the front yard last fall, and this year completed the sunny garden in the back yard.  It was such a pleasure to work with such a lovely client, and I enjoyed creating the tapestry of flowers for her.  Here are some pictures of the garden after 2 months of growth.  The vegetables were planted in cedar raised beds, and weren’t planted until about June 15th.  It’s amazing how quickly they have grown.  I used top soil, compost, zeolite and coir to fill the beds.

A Eupatorium and Scarlett runner bean surround an antique look obelisk.

A Eupatorium and Scarlett runner bean surround an antique look obelisk.

Lush purple planter done for a Calgary garden

Lush purple planter contains pansies, dahlias, lobelia and calibrachoa

vegetable garden in Calgary

Vegetables grown from seed in only 2 months!

South facing garden in Calgary

A South facing garden in SW Calgary after only 2 months of growth.

I hope you are enjoying your garden this summer!

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