About us

The Passionate Gardener is celebrating its tenth year in service to Calgary and area clients.  We opened in 2006 to serve customers looking for garden renovations with an attention to detail and a focus on healthy, thriving plant combinations.  In 2015, The Passionate Gardener ceases operations as a landscaping company, to focus on the education and consultation side of the business.

Who is the Passionate Gardener?

Kate KennedyThe Passionate Gardener, Kate Kennedy, began gardening on her parents’ farm in Central Alberta, in Zone 2. She is (at least) a 4th generation gardener, descending from people who grew their own food to survive, but always made room for flowers. Growing up beside the Red Deer River, Kate spent many hours in the forest, observing the design talents of Mother Nature, native plants as rare as Wood lilies and orchids, and as delicious as wild strawberries and Saskatoons.

After moving to Calgary, Kate enjoyed the challenge of creating beautiful but temporary gardens in rental properties. Working in the flower industry at the retail and wholesale level further increased her love and knowledge of plants. Gardening continued to be Kate’s passion, and friends and neighbors began asking her for help. In 2006, Kate was hired for the information desk of a large garden center, where she quickly realized the need for a company that created beautiful gardens for those whose thumbs were not quite green, a company with a vision beyond the typical landscaper.


The Passionate Gardener is committed to avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. We intend to nurture the soil so that it may nurture the plants, decreasing the need for water, fertilizer, and pest and disease control.  We can help you do the same. Whether your garden is for enjoyment, curb appeal or food production, we can help you make it productive and sustainable.