Gardening Classes for 2016

Grow veggies in Calgary

Pea Shoots on the left, various Strawberries in the middle, and Kalettes and Tomatillos on the right.

Here are the classes I will be teaching this spring and summer.  Please stay tuned to my Facebook Page for updates:

Gardening for Absolute Beginners $20 (1 class, 2 hours)

How to Save Money on Your Grocery bill by Growing More of Your Own Food $20 (1 class, 2 hours)

“I took this class last week and it was fantastic! Kate is so knowledgeable and patient, It was very informative. I highly recommend taking it!” S.T.

“I as well took this class last week and learned so much as I really had no idea how to do my own garden. I highly recommend this class it was so informative and easy to understand!” J.T.

Garden Design for Homeowners $75 (2 classes, 2.5 hours each)

Gardening fun for Children!  $20 for one child and one adult (1 class, 1.5 hours)

Garden Tours and projects at The Passionate Gardener’s Garden $50 (1 class, 2-3 hours of hands-on learning)

Please contact me if you would like to host a gardening class and get to learn for free!  (Hosts must be able to accommodate 10 paid guests)

Come learn with me, The Passionate Gardener

Come learn with me, The Passionate Gardener

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